Asbestos/Toxic Tort Litigation

As the Regional Trial Counsel for a defendant in asbestos litigation, ours is one of the leading asbestos litigation firms in the nation. Our attorneys have appeared in courts throughout the country, including circuits in New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, and Rhode Island. For this same defendant, we act as the local counsel in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Additionally, our firm represents several other asbestos defendants in our home jurisdictions of New York and New Jersey.

Our firm's leading asbestos litigator has been consistently involved in the field since its inception in 1980. With the help of this distinguished experience, our firm has developed unmatchable winning strategies to defend asbestos claims. Moreover, it has aided our firm in the establishment of an infrastructure capable of managing the overwhelming administrative demands and the complicated logistics of handling mass tort claims in a number of different jurisdictions, both State and Federal. We have developed outstanding strategies for defendants who wish to preserve their insurance assets, and we have fostered nationwide strategies for peripheral defendants. In addition to asbestos, our firm defends toxic tort cases involving lead poisoning, sick building, and mold exposure claims.

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