Chancery Litigation

Our litigation attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in the unique jurisdictional issues and fundamental rules of chancery practice and procedure before both state and federal courts. Experience and knowledge is critical for success when pursuing or defending actions involving the equitable remedies available to litigants in chancery proceedings due to the often shortened timeframes and heightened proof standards attendant to such proceedings.

Our chancery litigation practice has focused on such matters as:

  • The prosecution and defense of petitions for temporary restraining orders
  • The prosecution and defense of petitions for preliminary and permanent injunctions
  • The prosecution of declaratory judgment proceedings involving commercial disputes
  • Partition actions and suits resulting in judicial sales
  • Actions for specific performance
  • Disputes involving closely-held businesses and family partnerships
  • Dissolutions of partnerships, LLCs and closely-held corporations
  • Contested probate matters
Our attorneys possess the knowledge, experience, commitment and resources necessary to effectively and efficiently handle chancery litigation disputes of all complexities and sizes.
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