Intellectual Property

With the growth of the internet, the proliferation of e-commerce and the resulting globalization of the world marketplace, it is incumbent upon businesses today to protect their intellectual property interests.

Clemente Mueller offers the full complement of intellectual property and technology services. Our attorneys are well-qualified to handle a broad range of services in the intellectual property arena, including:

  • Trademark Research
    We assist our clients with strategies for developing and protecting business and product names. We provide immediate initial screening of on-line trademark searches and coordinate and analyze more comprehensive research that has been performed by an outside research firm and has been tailored to a client’s specific needs.

  • Domestic and Foreign Trademark Registrations
    We have extensive experience in the prosecution of trademark applications before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, including resolution of potential conflicts and representation in contested proceedings. We also coordinate foreign trademark registrations through our contacts with experienced attorneys in other countries.

  • Licensing/Development and Acquisition Transactions
    Our attorneys are experienced in drafting, negotiating and structuring the full spectrum of intellectual property agreements, from the individual trademark license or assignment agreement to intellectual property joint development agreements to intellectual property acquisition agreements.

  • Internet Law
    We assist our clients on a broad spectrum of issues related to the Internet, from website content, to co-marketing and co-branding.

  • Copyright Ownership and Registration
    We provide full copyright registration services, but are also more than willing to guide clients to handle routine copyright registrations by themselves. We also have extensive experience in pursuing infringement of copyrights nationwide as well as defending clients in matters, including resolution of potential conflicts and representation in contested proceedings.

  • Proprietary Information/Trade Secret Protection
    We regularly work with clients to establish, implement, and maintain procedures for the protection of their proprietary/trade secret information, including confidentiality, non-disclosure and joint development agreements.

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